Skechers S-Light's Burn Investigation

Evangelista Worley is investigating potential class action claims against the manufacturer of Skechers S-Light sneakers for boys and girls for burns when sneakers get wet.

Boy suffers second-degree burns from light-up sneakers
By Alexandria Hein, Fox News July 5, 2018 | 2:08pm |

A New York mother has spoken out about the potential dangers of a popular light-up sneaker after her 9-year-old son reportedly was left with second-degree burns on his feet. Sherry Foster, who shared photos of her son Peyton’s injuries on Facebook, said it happened after the sneakers got wet during water day at school. “When the sneakers got wet that caused them to release a chemical that burnt the bottom of his feet,” Foster told “He did not complain to his teacher. He waited until the next day until he came home to tell us.”. View the full story here:

If you or anyone you know with children that may own a pair of  boys or girls Skechers S Lights : Skech Rayz (refer to picture shown), please use the form included on this page to contact us with your concerns, and for more information on our investigation into these potential class action claims. Owners of the sneaker may be entitled to compensation for the value of the sneaker, and any subsequent injuries caused by the sneaker.

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