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Evangelista Worley, LLC can provide practical business and general legal advice to smaller and mid-sized foreign-based and domestic companies. Whether established, or start-up, we can advise your business on a wide range of matters including, for example, arbitration and litigation issues, business ethics, contracts, distributorship arrangements, employment issues, fiduciary duty, leases, licensing, and non-compete agreements.

We also can serve as your outside, “in-house” counsel and provide a one stop shop for general legal advice and the referral of specialty legal services. As a small firm, we don’t have the overhead (and therefore higher hourly billing rates) of large law firms. And, when specialty legal advice is required, e.g. for tax, patent, or merger and acquisition issues, we can provide referrals to other firms that are the best match for the discrete issue involved. This is a far more efficient model than retaining expensive “big law” firms to handle every aspect of your legal work.

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